Your Booth – in a Modular Design System

Use this system to optimize your booth.

Modular Design Systems allow cost-efficient and functional solutions that are fast and easy to handle. When using a Modular Design System the budget for your booth will remain within very reasonable limits. At the same time the Modular Design System provides you with a wide range of individual solutions to ensure a perfect trade fair presentation for your company.

Modular Design Systems are easy to work with; dismantle the booth, store it and to re-use it at any time.

We develop your trade fair booth from initial ideas through to the entire construction set-up. We offer convenient turnkey solutions for you. Full-service is guaranteed.

Benefit from the Modular Design System:

It is …

  • Extremely cost-efficient
  • Fast and easy to handle
  • Fully extendable
  • Easy to re-use
  • Full of individual design options


We are happy to discuss various options of Modular Design Systems with you. We will support you comprehensively, from the initial idea to the final booth at your trade fair presentation. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us: